Announcements & Information
Daylight Savings Time ends next Sunday, November 1.
Don’t forget to turn back your clocks one hour before you go to bed Saturday night.
Sermon Notes:
Sunday, October 25 10-25-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, October 18 10-18-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, October 11 10-11-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, September 20 9-20-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, September 13 9-20-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, September 6 9-13-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, August 30 8-30-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, August 23 8-23-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, August 16 8-23-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, August 9 8-9-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, August 2 8-2-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, July 19 7-19-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, July 12 7-12-20 Sermon Notes 
Sunday, July 5 7-5-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, June 28 6-28-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, June 21 6-21-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, June 14 6-14-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, June 7 6-7-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, May 31 5-31-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, May 17 5-17-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, May 10 5-10-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, April 26 4-26-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, April 19 4-19-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, March 29 3-29-2020 Sermon Notes
Sunday, March 22 3-22-2020 Sermon Notes
We invite you to join us for Sunday morning Worship either in person here at the church or on FB Live, at 10:30 am.  Once again, our Sunday school for all ages is now available at 9:15 am each Sunday morning.
The Elders have had some questions concerning a “policy” on coronavirus precautions. There are two issues the Elders would like to address: (1) facemasks; and, (2) physical (“social”) distancing. As far as facemasks go, we will not engage in a debate as a church on the effectiveness of facemasks. As a result, we have decided that it is best to leave that to your discernment. The elders would like you to know that facemasks are welcome, but not required on our campus. Our concern is not the mask itself so much as the division that these protocols are fostering. In that vein, be clear in your own conscience, but be respectful of the consciences of others. Also, we have made the decision to keep the physical distance between the pews for the present time. Upon evaluation of the last few Lord’s Days, it is clear that we are beginning to get tight, but there is still room to sit at a six-foot distance from non-family members in our sanctuary. If you see the lower level filling, please avail yourself of the balcony so that there will room on the main floor for those who cannot climb the stairs.
Please welcome Jayne Morrissette as the new church administrative assistant! Although Jayne has been helping in the offices over the last several months, she will officially step into the position starting on Monday, October 19. We are thankful for her heart to serve in this way.
Sunday, October 25
9:15 am Sunday School
10:30 am Worship Service
5:00 pm Prayer Time
6:00 pm Bible Hour
6:30 pm Youth Group
Wednesday, October 28
6:30 pm FB Bible Time
Thursday, October 29
6:30 am Men’s Fellowship
Sunday, November 1 – Daylight Savings Time Ends
9:15 am Sunday School
10:30 am Worship Service
5:00 pm Prayer Time
6:00 pm Bible Hour
6:30 pm Youth Group
Nursery & 2’s & 3’s Assignment:
See the Worship Folder or The Equipper for Assignments. 
Greeters for the month of are:
Paul Peppers, Warren Regnier
A/V Schedule:
Oct 25 – Paul Peppers
Offertory Helpers: Doug Herman & Florence Girard
Please join us in celebrating the safe arrival of our newest church babies, by bringing a package of diapers to leave on the table in the Fellowship Hall, for the Longfellow and Whitley babies. Please bring your diapers and gifts on or before Sunday, October 25. Thank you!
It is with heavy hearts that we must announce that for the present time, we will not be moving forward with an Awana year. With the decrease in people who would be willing to work in the program, Justin Snyder was made aware of a program through which Awana is delivered by video conferencing this year. The software and learning curve is going be a little bit of a difficulty, so for now, we will postpone the Awana year until we can discharge that ministry with excellence. Also along those lines, Justin has approached the elders with his desire to find a replacement in our church to be the Awana Commander. Let me say a couple of things there. First, it is with nothing in our hearts but gratitude that we even think about Justin’s faithfulness to these Awana students for the past ten years! So, from the elders and our congregation, our praise to God and our thanksgiving to Justin for his love for the eternal souls of these kids. Also, please know that he still desires to be involved in the Awana ministry, just not as Commander. His living-wage job along with his duties as an elder in our church simply won’t allow him to lead that ministry any longer. Second, in honor of his request, we are coming to you seeking a man with (1) a heart to reach kids with the gospel, and (2) good organizational skills, to be our new Awana Commander. If you would like to be considered for this position, please see one of the elders. We look forward to how God will continue to use this vital ministry in our community.
Because it is still recommended that we limit social gatherings and continue to practice social distancing, we will NOT be having the traditional Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner in November this year.
“You’re thought of at Thanksgiving with a simple heartfelt prayer,
for God alone in His great love to keep you in His care.”
Have a blessed day with your family from the Fellowship and Caring Ministry Team
Please join us at 5 p.m. each Sunday as we pray, praising God for who He is and thanking Him for all He has done.  Immediately following the prayer meeting Sunday evenings, we will gather around the Word of God for a time of study in Paul’s letter to Titus.
The Youth meet at the church on Sunday nights at 6:30pm. Students grades 7-12 are welcome and encouraged to attend! Please invite a friend to join you.
Pastor Jonathan is teaching The Ten Commandments on Facebook Live each Wednesday evening, at 6:30 pm. Can’t be there live? The studies are archived on our Facebook page, so you can go back anytime to watch at your convenience.
Our men’s fellowship meets every Thursday morning at 6:30 am in the fellowship hall. All men are invited to join us for a time of devotions and prayer. 

We are dependent on your financial support. You may still send your offering by mail, drop it in the offering
boxes, or give through the church website. A link is provided for you on our Home page for giving online. Giving is an expression of our worship!

Our volunteer Church Cleaning Crew (CCC) is in immediate need of some assistance and maybe you can help. We could really use two or more people to do the dusting in the sanctuary each week. This is fairly light duty and won’t take long if two or three “dust busters” work together. If you are willing to help with this task, please call Doug Herman and join the CCC today.