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Senior Pastor – Jonathan Peppers

Jonathan Jottings
     Summer is upon us! It’s the season for graduations…and weddings…and vacations. But
summer also offers you a new opportunity to grow in your walk with Lord. The longer days afford more daylight time…why not invest that extra time in growth in grace?
     How could you invest extra time and effort in your spiritual growth this summer? Here’s the answer: a growing Christian is a reading Christian. Let me take a few minutes and offer you a few suggestions for your summer reading list.
1. The Attributes of God (Arthur W. Pink)—Pink’s small book on the nature of God is one of the best. A book doesn’t have to be big to have huge impact!
2. Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands (Paul David Tripp)—This summer, we will be taking a journey through the one-another commands of the NT; Tripp’s book would be a great companion as you grow in your ministry to brothers and sisters in Christ.
3. Communion with the Triune God (John Owen; ed. Kelley M. Kapic & Justin Taylor)—Okay…this one is a serious read! Owen’s extremely difficult style has been made easier by Kapic and Taylor, but it’s still serious. This is a Puritan work edited for a modern reader. It is probably the best work ever written by a human on how we walk with God and have fellowship with Him. If you choose to read this one, give yourself the whole summer…you will never be the same.
     I will add one more…this one for those who—like me—often read history. Do yourself a favor: read The Forgotten 500 (Gregory A. Freeman). It’s the story of Operation Halyard. What? You’ve never heard of it? That’s because it was classified “top secret: black” for over 50 years! The Forgotten 500 is the story the rescue of around 500 US airmen shot down and imprisoned in Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia. The Forgotten 500 is a fascinating read, and it’s true! It’s the most edge-ofyour-seat story you’ve never heard!
     I pray these suggestions will get you started on your summer reading. Feel free to contact me if you need more suggestions…but start with these (especially Owen!).
Because of grace,



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Quentin Smith, lead teacher
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Van Morrissette & Doug Herman

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