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Senior Pastor – Jonathan Peppers

Jonathan’s Jottings

May grace and peace be multiplied to you in the
knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord (2 Pet 1:2,
We look forward to remembering the recovery of the
gospel out of the Dark Ages at the end of this month
as we celebrate Reformation Sunday on the 25th. On
that Lord’s Day, we will consider together the material
principle of the Reformation: justification by faith
alone. And let us not be surprised: with Reformation
Sunday, we really do have the holidays in sight! This
year is flying by; let’s make sure we are redeeming
every day (cf. Eph 5:16).
I have two important items to share with you, by way
of the elders, as we are moving forward as a church in these difficult times.
First, we have had some questions concerning a
“policy” on coronavirus precautions. There are two
issues we would like to address: (1) facemasks; and, (2)
physical (“social”) distancing. As far as facemasks go,
we will not engage in a debate as a church on the
effectiveness of facemasks. As a result, we have
decided that it is best to leave that to your discernment. The elders would like you to know that
facemasks are welcome, but not required on our
campus. Our concern is not the mask itself, so much as
the division that these protocols are fostering. In that
vein, be clear in your own conscience, but be
respectful of the consciences of others. Also, we have
made the decision to keep the physical distance
between the pews for the present time. Upon evaluation of the last few Lord’s Days, it is clear that
we are beginning to get tight, but there is still room to
sit at a six-foot distance from non-family members in
our sanctuary. If you see the lower level filling, please
avail yourself of the balcony so that there will room on the main floor for those who cannot climb the stairs.
Second, it is with heavy hearts that we must announce
that for the present time, we will not be moving
forward with an Awana year. With the decrease in
people who would be willing to work in the program,
Justin Snyder was made aware of a program through which Awana is delivered by video conferencing this year. The software and learning curve is going be a little bit of a difficulty, so for now, we will postpone the Awana year until we can discharge that ministry with
excellence. Also along those lines, Justin has approached the elders with his desire to find a replacement in our church to be the Awana Commander. Let me say a couple of things there. First,
it is with nothing in our hearts but gratitude that we
even think about Justin’s faithfulness to these Awana
students for the past ten years! So, from the elders and our congregation, our praise to God and our
thanksgiving to Justin for his love for the eternal souls of these kids. Also, please know that he still desires to be involved in the Awana ministry, just not as Commander. His living-wage job along with his duties as an elder in our church, simply won’t allow him to lead that ministry any longer. Second, in honor of his request, we are coming to you seeking a man with (1) a heart to reach kids with the gospel, and (2) good organizational skills, to be our new Awana Commander. If you would like to be considered for
this position, please see one of the elders. We look
forward to how God will continue to use this vital
ministry in our community.
That was the longest Equipper article I’ve written!
Catch your breath. Read your Bible. Pray for our
church and your elders. Minister to someone today.
Because of grace,


Aden Joy
Scott Longfellow
Van Morrissette
Quentin Smith
Justin Snyder
Jonathan Peppers


Treasurer – Peggy Johnson
Asst. Treasurer – Florence Girard
Clerk – Darla Joy

Administrative Assistant

Jayne Morrissette – Administrative Assistant
Office Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 10 am – 3 pm

Ministry Teams

Children & Youth –  Lori Kemling
Mishele Longfellow
Discipleship  – Ken Johnson
Lyle Koerber
Fellowship & Caring –   Rose Koerber
                                    Chris Smith
Finance & Property –   Doug Herman
Levi Whitley
Missions & Outreach –  Brian Longfellow
Traci Snyder
Prayer & Worship – Joann Freeborn
 Rick Haden
 Gwen Miller



Sunday School Teachers

Jayne Morrissette & Kathy Herman
Beginners (ages 2-3):
Lori Kemling & Loni Kindel
age 4 – 1st:
Mishelle Longfellow, Liv Longfellow
2nd – 3rd:
Alaina Peppers & Sara Fleming
4th – 5th:
Steve Nelson & Joann Freeborn
6th – 12th Grade:
Justin Snyder & Justin Fleming
Adult Class:
Aden Joy
Scott Longfellow
Friendship Class:
Quentin Smith, lead teacher
Sunset Home:
Van Morrissette & Doug Herman

Youth Leaders

Brian Kemling
Youth Assistants: Nikki Goertzen