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Senior Pastor – Jonathan Peppers

Jonathan Jottings
  This has been a summer of weddings for me the most I have ever served in a year. Through all of the pre-marital counseling and preparations, the biblical understanding of marriage has permeated my thinking these last few months. One principle has risen like cream again-and-again: it cannot be said enough that marriage is intended to be a picture of the gospel. While there are nuances and particulars, the theme never changes: the love of a husband for his wife is to mirror the love of Christ for His Bride, the Church; and, the submission of a wife to her husband is to mirror the submission of Christ to the Father in the plan of redemption.
     Talk to couples—at the store, on the street, at restaurants—and ask the question, “Why did you get married?” You will get all kinds of answers: companionship, financial practicality, etc. But from a Christian family, we should be able to expect the answer of the glory of God in the display of the gospel. In fact, biblical marriage principles are so powerful that they can be a witness inside the same family: Peter says that by being a godly wife, a woman can even be used by God to draw an unbelieving husband to salvation (1 Peter 3). But marriage can be a double-edged sword as well: in that same passage, Peter says that if a husband does not treat his wife with godly cherishment, God will not listen to his prayers! That’s serious.
     Let me encourage you to take stock of where you are in your marriage. Are you living the gospel through sacrificial (husband) and submissive (wife) love? Are you consciously welcoming the presence of Christ in your marriage? Have you allowed your children or
grandchildren to be the central focus of your family rather than your marriage? Take stock, and accept God’s good gift of marriage as the lovely picture of the gospel He intended it to be.



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